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Here are a few things that sets us apart from the rest

Low Cost

Save 80% of the cost of traditional websites and mobile apps.

Go Live Faster

While other takes months to deliver, we on-board businesses within 3 to 7 days

Higher Conversions

Data suggests that mobile optimized websites and mobile apps increase conversions by 30%, increasing your profits.

Free Support

We are always here to assist you. We do not charge for bug fixes and support enquiries.

Free Upgrades

We have a lot of exicting and innovative features on our road map. All these features will be provided to you as a free upgrade

Low Operational Cost

You do not need to hire an IT professional to use Storelics. Its easy to do it yourself.

Low Advertising Budget

Push notifications offer enhanced targeted advertising and will help trim your offline advertising budget.

Features Overview

A bird's eye view of some of the features that we offer
Responsive Layout

Responsive Website

Engage more customers by providing an equal experience on all devices with our responsive design. Your website will look just perfect whether seen on a computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile App

Immerse your customers in a visually awesome native experience with our unmatched and beautifully crafted iOS and Android apps.

Retina Graphics

Retina Graphics

You website will look beautiful & ultra-sharp on High Resolution/Retina Screen Displays. Retina Icons, Fonts & all others graphics are optimized.

Mobile Customization

Extensive Configuration Possibilities

Extensive product configuration possibilities give your customers more control over their purchases.

Subscription Plans


With subscriptions, your customers can sign up to receive products on a continuous basis without having to login and re-purchase the product.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Keep your customers engaged by sending them special offers and reminders through push notifications on their mobile device.

High performance servers

High Performance Servers

Your application is hosted on our lightning fast virtual private servers (VPS) on solid state drives (SSD). You just need to run your store while we manage the servers for you.

Trusted Platform

Mature and Trusted Platform

Our backend is powered by the Spree Commerce platform. With more than 45,000 stores and growing, and an active community, you can trust the Spree Commerce technology for your storefront.

No coding required

No Coding Required

You do not need any programming experience to get your mobile site and the app up and running. We take care of the complex stuff for you.


Including but not limited to...
Perfume Business
Food Business
Fast Food Business
Fast Food
Eye Glasses Business
Eye Glasses
Foot Wear Business
Foot Wear
Watches Business
Clothing Business
Jewelry Business

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About us

Storelics is a mobile commerce platform, a turnkey solution for retailers to go mobile and online retailers to increase mobile sales. Storelics provides mobile first websites as well as mobile apps for businesses. Our extremely friendly pricing allows customers with low budget to increase conversion dramatically on mobile. We have taken great pains to make the entire process code-free. Therefore, Storelics is conveniently simple to use and ready to go live.

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